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Cherry Cordial

White cake soaked in Amaretto, Chocolate ganache, Cherry buttercream



White Cake soaked in Amaretto with a layer of strawberry jam and peanut buttercream



White Cake soaked in Baileys and mint syrup, with a layer of chocolate ganache and a mint buttercream with fresh mint


Strawberry Daiquiri

White Cake soaked in Bacardi Limon and lime, Strawberry and lime buttercream


Strawberry Shortcake

White cake soaked in vanilla Rum, thin layer of concentrated strawberry buttercream, vanilla buttercream


Think Spring

White Cake Soaked in Amaretto, Orange marmalade, Bavarian buttercream with Starburst Jelly Beans


Blueberry Tart

White cake soaked in vanilla Bourbon, Thin layer of lemon buttercream, Blueberry buttercream


Eat Me I’m Irish

White cake soaked in Bailey’s with chocolate hazelnut buttercream


* White Chocolate Raspberry

White cake soaked in Chambord, White chocolate ganache, Raspberry buttercream


Pina colada

White cake soaked in Rum, Coconut buttercream with candied pineapple


Pumpkin Cheesecake Spice

White cake soaked in spices and Rum Pumpkin cream cheese buttercream filling, Topped with graham cracker buttercream
(mini only unless requested for larger)


Lime Margarita

White cake soaked in Lime Margarita Mix and Tequila syrup, with a lime curd buttercream and topped with a little salt.


Raspberry Key Lime

White cake soaked in vanilla with raspberry jam and key lime buttercream


Caramel Apple

White cake soaked in Caramel Apple Pie Liqueur with a caramel apple buttercream


Raspberry Latte

Yellowcake soaked in Chambord and Kahlua, with raspberry jam and coffee buttercream.

Peach Melba

Yellow cake soaked in Honey Bourbon, with a layer of raspberry jam and a peach buttercream


* Blackberry Lemon

Yellow cake soaked in vanilla and lemon, with a layer of blackberry jam and lemon buttercream


Cherry Lemonade

Yellow cake soaked in Lemon, Cherry buttercream


Triple Vanilla Crème Brûlée

Yellow Cake soaked in Caramel Bailey’s and vanilla with a vanilla Bavarian buttercream and, covered in vanilla buttercream


Passion Pineapple

Yellow cake soaked in Passion Fruit Rum with pineapple preserves and passion fruit buttercream


White Chocolate Chai

Chai cake soaked in Amaretto with a white chocolate buttercream


White Chocolate Cookies and Cream 

Yellow cake soaked in vanilla with a white chocolate cookies and cream buttercream


* Carrot Rum

Traditional carrot cake soaked in Rum, Lemon cream cheese buttercream


Strawberry Rhubarb Cake (Seasonal)

Rhubarb cake soaked in bourbon with a strawberry buttercream



Berries and Chocolate

Chocolate cake soaked in amaretto, with chocolate ganache and mixed berry buttercream


* Double Chocolate Caramel Truffle

Chocolate cake soaked in Butterschnaps, Chocolate ganache, Caramel buttercream


Chocolate Covered Candied Orange

Chocolate cake soaked in Grand Gala with orange buttercream, covered in chocolate ganache


* Java Explosion

Chocolate cake soaked in Espresso, Chocolate ganache, Espresso buttercream


Chocolate Pecan Toffee Cream

Chocolate cake soaked in Bailey’s with a pecan toffee Bavarian buttercream 


Chocolate Crème Brûlée

Chocolate Cake soaked in Caramel Bailey’s with a chocolate Bavarian buttercream.


Chocolate Covered Peppermint

Chocolate cake soaked in Crème De Mint, with a vanilla peppermint buttercream. Mint buttercream and a drizzle of chocolate ganache on the outside(mini only unless requested for larger)


Berries and Mint

White and chocolate cake, soaked in Crème De Menthe, with a mixed berry buttercream


Banana Split

White and chocolate cake soaked in butterscotch schnapps, with strawberry jam and banana buttercream.


Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chocolate cake soaked in Cherry Baileys with cherry preserves and cherry buttercream (Cupcakes can be dipped in ganache)


Chocolate Salted Caramel Pretzel

Chocolate cake soaked in Salted Caramel Liquor, with chocolate ganache and a caramel pretzel buttercream.


Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate cake soaked in Peanut Butter Liqueur with chocolate ganache and peanut butter buttercream


Spice Me Up

Chocolate cake soaked in Fireball Whiskey, filled with ganache and a cinnamon and cayenne buttercream



All of our cakes are 3 layers of cake with 2 layers of filling, and we can mix and match to make your favorite flavor!


Red Velvet
Chocolate Gluten Free
Chocolate Dairy and Egg Free

**All cakes are made with soy oil


White Chocolate
Cherry Lemonade
Raspberry Lemonade
Cream Cheese
Lemon Cream Cheese
Vanilla Bavarian
Chocolate Bavarian
Strawberry Daiquiri
Mixed Berry
Candy Cane
Chocolate Hazelnut
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Cherry Cordial
Pina Colada


Apricot Jam
Strawberry Jam
Raspberry Jam
Chocolate Ganache
White Chocolate Ganache

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