Published on March 13, 2020, by Jenn in Uncategorized.

To Our Valued Guests,

We want you to know that we are aware of the COVID-19 situation that is rapidly developing around us. We love our community and we take its happiness and health seriously. It is business as usual here at Monzù until we are advised otherwise till this outbreak runs its course in our area. At the bakery we are taking all necessary precautions and are keeping up on all sanitation standards. We are a fully licensed and inspected facility. We have certified Food Safety Managers on site and follow all the rules for sanitation and glove use. We have been upholding a high standard for food safety long before COVID-19 and we will be vigilant during as well as after this situation resolves. 

We understand that there will be a lot of event cancellations in the coming weeks, and we ask for as much notice as possible, since as a small business we can not be spending more money in production than we are bringing in revenue. If you are just postponing your event we are more then happy to hold onto your order till the future date. Also until further notice ALL orders taken from today forward will require a 50% deposit. If your event is cancelled within a timely period up to 50% of that deposit will be refundable. However if any orders are cancelled within 5 days of the event there will be no refunds, as time and money all ready have started to go into purchasing materials and production of your sweet treats. 

Also don’t forget we partner with food delivery services like Grubhub, Eatstreet, and Fooddudes, if you do not want to venture out to satisfy your sweet-tooth!